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Isabel Cotarelo was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and received her art education there before moving to New York City and then to Kingston. West Strand is featuring several of Cotarelo’s vibrant paintings whose colors mirror a light reminiscent of Mar de Plata, a beach resort in Buenos Aires that she frequented in her youth. The larger plastic sculptural reliefs reference two thematic series that she has been working on over the last year, Mind’s Landscapes and Crisalidas (chrysalis-,a sheltered state).  The relief sculptures are made of recycled plastic and the forms evoke organisms, cells, synapses or viruses. Cotarelo’s work has been exhibited throughout Europe, the United States and Latin America.  In the Hudson Valley, she has participated in group shows at Gallery 40, the Dorsky Museum at SUNY New Paltz, Arts Society of Kingston, ArtBar Gallery and the Warwick Center for the Arts.


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