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Mari Mater O’Neill is a graphic artist, painter, designer, and assemblage artist. She is the director of the Design Center, in Puerto Rico, School of Plastic Arts.  She’s had numerous group and solo exhibitions, including a mid-career retrospective, Artist Interrupted, at the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico. O’Neill studied art at the Cooper Union School of Art and Science in New York and attended Krishna Reddy’s graphics workshop.  She studied photo-engraving under Luis Camnitzer in Lucca, Italy, and worked as a printer at the Studio Sagradini in Florence. She was the first Puerto Rican artist to receive the Grand Prize in Painting at the International Painting Biennial in Cuenca, Ecuador (1991). She created the e-zine El cuarto del Quenepón in 1995, the first e-zine in Latin America and among the first in the world devoted to culture.


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