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Marsha Goldberg is a visual artist from Boston MA, who lives and works in Highland Park, New Jersey. On view in the exhibition Abstractions in Space and Time are works on paper that employ small, repetitive shapes with contrasting hues. The work reveals Goldberg’s distinctive means for creating thoughtful and intricate abstract compositions. The works Fort, and Keep, were begun in Marseille, France, in early 2020, as the pandemic reached Europe. Her paintings reference the passing of time in quarantine and the permanence of structures such as the inspiration for this work, Fort St. Jean in Marseille, survivor of wars, storms, and disease. Goldberg has works in the collections of the Fogg Art Museum, Art Complex Museum, Wheaton College, and the Boston Public Library. Her work has been exhibited in several galleries nationally, including, Douglass College in New Jersey, and internationally in 2019 in Art Busan, South Korea. 



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