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Patty Stone grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico and has lived in the Boston area since 1981. She is an Associate Professor of Art at Wheaton College where she teaches drawing and painting. The locus of Stone’s creative explorations is the Charles River, the Rio Grande, and the environmental issues facing the American Southwest. Reflecting on her creative practice Stone comments the following:


I see the natural world and the man-made environment in constant tension.  My work explores this dichotomy between freedom and control through the painting process. Using tactile materials, I explore fragmentation, organic rhythms and unexpected juxtapositions…


I have long been interested in maps, aerial views and textures that imply vast spaces. Nowhere is the tension between the man-made and the natural environment more evident than in our fragile watersheds.


Patty Stone earned her BFA from the University of New Mexico and her MFA in painting from Yale University School of Art. She was a member of the Bowery Gallery in NYC for many years and her work has been exhibited widely.  

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