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Abstract Configurations

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

July 15- August 20, 2023

West Strand Art Gallery is pleased to invite you to our opening reception for ABSTRACT CONFIGURATIONS

The works on view depict divergent visions and approaches to creating abstract artworks. The following artists explore creative frameworks and offer new meaning to formal qualities in art making practices.


Susan Spencer Crowe’s colorfully painted, cut and folded 2D and 3D paper art works, draw on color and light found in the structural contours in nature.

Marsha Goldberg’s serene paintings on yupo paper fuse the precision of geometry with undulating colors to create meditative patterns that evoke a passage of time.

Andrew Lyght’s dynamic, wall-built geometric abstractions offer a new vision of his idea, that line and plane can be separated into physical components. The artwork consists of an open-frame geometric format incorporating the wall space as a grounding plane; and a cord delineates a line that allows shifting of the composition according to the angle from which they are seen.

Pamela Blum’s organic sculptural relief configurations appear as surreal fragments of life and dreams. She refers to the series as existential things, actions and conditions that human beings, as predators, feel, use and abuse.

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