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Sharon Ascher was born in Brooklyn, grew up in Flatbush, near the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and currently resides in Stoneridge, New York.  Ascher has had a prolific career in the arts, early on as a distinguished designer of clothes and jewelry, and subsequently, as a fine artist creating work aimed at “revealing the beauty of nature, while alerting the public to the perils facing our planet.

I became aware of the changing contours of our coastline caused by global warming as I traveled across the vast oceans, visiting beaches, and trekking mountains and caverns. I am intrigued by organic shapes textures and patterns that repeat in nature and are affected by shadow, color, and light.

Sharon Ascher earned a BFA from Pratt Institute, in 1972 and continued her studies in Italy with sculptor Jacques Lipschitz. She returned to New York to study photography, illustration, and textile design at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Ascher has exhibited widely her designs, environmental installations, photos, and sculptures.


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